Workshop 8. Exploring Harmonization of Value-based MCDA Analysis Methodologies for Use in Sustainability Decision-making


  • Lise Laurin
  • Roland Clift (tentative)
  • John Parker
  • Markus Frank
  • Terry Robinson
  • Withold Henisz (tentative)


UIC Forum, Room E



Assessing the sustainability of one solution or policy over another is rarely a simple issue. Alternatives are often better in one aspect of sustainability, human health or ecotoxicity for example, and worse in another. Seldom does a single alternative satisfy all stakeholders. To address this need, numerous Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) methodologies are being used to help industry, NGOs and governmental policy-makers assess the sustainability of decisions and policies. In 2016 the workshop explored several MCDA methods which are converging around similar concepts: stakeholder engagement and value-based assessment to name two.
Coming out of this workshop, two organizations using these methodologies have combined their methodologies and harmonized terminology around one of these methodologies, Sustainable Return on Investment. However, there are still many different concepts being discussed in different terms by different organizations leaving organizations searching for a solution having to wade through the different methodologies before they can even start to apply them. 

The goal of this workshop is to continue to bring these different methodologies into harmonization. We look to identify best practices for specific types of assessments and identify what is common between the methodologies. By merging the methodologies, we propose to present a single concept to the community to facilitate adoption on a larger scale.



Introduction to some of what is happening now

    • Introduction to MCDA                                                 Roland Clift (tentative)

    • Recap of last year’s workshop                                    John Parker

    • MCDA as performed by BASF                                     Markus Frank

    • Sustainable Return on Investment at Pratt & Whitney          Terry Robinson

    • MCDA at Warton University                                       Withold Henisz (tentative)



  • What is common between these methods? Can we identify common ways to talk about these things?

  • What areas still need work?

  • How do we communicate this beyond today?


Number of Participants: 50