Workshop 6. Reducing the Greenhouse Gas Impact of Aviation


Valerie Thomas, Georgia Institute of Technology (others could be added)


UIC Forum, Room D



This workshop will examine options for reducing the greenhouse gas impacts of aviation. The workshop aims to identify and support next steps in research and development for low carbon aviation. The workshop will include a special emphasis on aviation biofuel in China, which may have substantial potential to develop aviation biofuel.
The workshop will consist of three panels. One panel will address the potential and prospects for aviation biofuel in Asia, with speakers including Xu Ming and colleagues. Another panel will report on sustainability analysis of bioenergy, with speakers including Sabrina Spatari and colleagues. A third panel will address the role of waste materials (MSW, used cooking oil, gases from steel mill operations) as a feedstock for aviation fuels, with speakers including representatives of LanzaTech, Red Rock, ARA, and Fulcrum.

Note: The workshop will build on a proposal, Strategic Investment to Scale Up Aviation Biofuel, which won the Judges Choice award in the MIT Climate CoLab in 2016. It also builds on the facilitator’s recent experience in organizing and participating in workshops on aviation biofuel.

Number of Participants: 25