Workshop 5. Social Life Cycle Assessment – A New LCA Approach towards Social Responsibility in Product Supply Chains


  • Vikas Chandola, Social LCA consultant; Lead for Data Quality of Social LCA guidelines, Social LC Alliance; New Earth on Social hotspot database updates

  • Catherine Benoit, Co-Founder and COO NewEarth B Co-creator and Director of NewEarth B Social Hotspots Database project; Lead editor of Guidelines for Social LCA published by UNEP LCI in May 2009; Co-Chair UNEP 10YFP WG6, Social Impact Communication; Expert of the Global Social Compliance Programme Equivalence Assessment



Illinois Institute of Technology, Room 470, 565 W Adams St., Chicago, IL 60661



The main goal of the workshop is to introduce and familiarize the group on Social Life Cycle Assessment. The workshop will cover the core concepts, the similarities and dis-similarities with environmental LCA, the methods, models, and applications of S-LCA. The workshop will present a couple of case studies and close with an exercise in social LCA. The participants should leave with a good understanding of this upcoming field of LCA, its relevance, applicability and the current status of this field in terms of adoption as well as academic research. By the end of the workshop the participants will be able to:


  • • develop a good understanding of social life cycle assessment

  • • have an appreciation of the models, software tools and techniques to apply to the supply chain assessment of a product and determine its social impact

  • • get a direction on how Social LCA could be applied in the broader framework of LCA analysis

  • • get an understanding of Social LCA role in supply chain management

  • • identify the stakeholders in an organization as well as external stakeholders who should be take Social LCA.



1. Introduction to the topic – context, history and scope of social compliance and social responsibility
2. What are the current social and economic challenges of supply chains and relationship between corporate sustainability strategy and social LCA?
3. 2 case studies of Social LCA
4. Conducting an exercise in Social LCA using the SHDB (Social Hotspot Database) and a software tool and taking the participants through supply chain modeling, defining a social LCA project, performing the S-LCA using a software tool, understanding the results, analysis, conclusions, and recommendations.


Intended Participants:

Professionals and academicians from the fields of Supply Chain, Life Cycle Assessment, Procurement, Sales and Marketing. Some knowledge about LCA would be helpful though not mandatory as the workshop will cover the basics of LCA analysis.

Note: Please bring your own laptops.


Number of Participants: 25