Workshop 4. Organizing Research for Infrastructure Resilience


  • Professor Thomas Seager or Susan Clark, Arizona State University
  • Professor Sybil Derrible, University of Illinois at Chicago;
  • Professor Dave Alderson, Naval Post Grad School



1043 ERF, 842 W Taylor, Chicago, IL 60607



The main objective of this Infrastructure Resilience Summit is to continue building a knowledge community that spans organizational and disciplinary boundaries. The Summit will include:


  • • A summary of findings from the May 2016 Summit at ISSST in Phoenix, the Aug 2016 meetings at Resilience Week in Chicago, and a smaller Sep 2016 meeting at Naval Post Grad School, and the research and education agenda emerging from those

  • • Semi-structured facilitation exercises that accelerate knowledge sharing among participants

  • • Comparison of understandings of resilience  

  • • An identification of salient, shared research questions, hypotheses and methods

  • • An inventory of major funding sources worthy of targeting with multi-institutional, multidisciplinary, collaborative proposals

  • • A strategy for organizing around production of successful proposals.


Number of participants: 40