Workshop 2. Advances in Industrial Ecology Research and Education in China


  • Chinese Society for Industrial Ecology (CSIE), led by:
    Prof. Lei Shi, Tsinghua University;
  • Dr. Weiqiang Chen, Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences;
  • Prof. Ming Xu, The University of Michigan;
  • Prof. Han Shi, Hong Kong City University



UIC Forum, Room D



The purpose of the workshop is to review the latest developments of industrial ecology in China, as well as the work experience of CSIE since its establishment. Workshop topics include:

1) review and prospect of industrial ecology research in China
2) review and prospect of industrial ecology education in China
3) international cooperation
4) work report of CSIE

The workshop will set up four thematic presentations, and invited 2-3 comments for each topic. The main outcomes of the workshop will be included into CSIE Annual Report – 2017.


Number of participants: 60