The 2017 ISIE/ISSST conference will have a number of preconference half-day and full day workshops, listed below (clicking on titles will bring up a description and workshop conveners).  All workshops will be held on Sunday, June 25. Please note that most workshops have capacity limits, and sign-up is on a first come basis, thus the conference organizers strongly urge those wishing to attend to indicate their preference for up to two workshops at the time of registration.


1. Towards a Theoretical Framework for the Industrial Ecology of Socioecological Systems – AM (Limit 15)

2. Advances in Industrial Ecology Research and Education in China – AM (Limit 60)

3. Circular Economy Buildings – AM (Limit 40)

4. Organizing Research for Infrastructure Resilience – AM (Limit 40)

5. Social Life Cycle Assessment – A New LCA Approach towards Social Responsibility in Product Supply Chains – PM (Limit 25)

6. Reducing the Greenhouse Gas Impact of Aviation – PM (Limit 25)

7. Data Mining in Industrial Ecology – PM (Limit 45)

8. Exploring Harmonization of Value-based MCDA Analysis Methodologies for Use in Sustainability Decision-making – PM (Limit 50)

9. Theories and Methods of Political-Industrial Ecology: A New Perspective for Crafting Sustainable and Resilient Communities – Full Day (Limit 20)

10. Towards Actionable Knowledge for Sustainable and Resilient Communities: Creating Innovative Solution-oriented Research Approaches for the Development of Strategies at the Urban Scale – Full Day (Limit 15)

11. For a Multilevel Approach of Industrial Symbiosis Dynamics – AM (Limit 20)


12. Rapid assessment of Chemical Risks and Life-cycle Impacts - PM (Limit 20)