Industrial Symbiosis Research Symposium

June 24, 2017

The Industrial Symbiosis Research Symbiosis is an annual event held by the ISIE section on eco-industrial development and industrial symbiosis (EID/IS).

The symposium aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners to exchange on current research activities and EIP trends as well as to identify future research needs. The symposium is a unique opportunity to share recent information on field projects development in relation with research activities worldwide.

After each symposium, a publication or a concept note is written as a summary of all discussions and shared with all participants and the broader EID/IS community to stimulate collaboration and the emergence of new research.


Please visit our section website for information about past events:


The meeting will be hosted at The Plant, 1400 W 46th St, Chicago, IL 60609. The Plant is a groundbreaking food production space designed to be a net-zero, closed loop system in Chicago’s Back of the Yards. More info:



8:30-9am: Bus from UIC Forum to The Plant


Worldwide Round-up of IS/EID projects

Discussion of EIP Indicators Initiative

12:30-2pm:  Lunch and Tour of The Plant

IS challenges and outlook in North America.

Panel with former members of Chicago’s Waste To Profit Network

5-5:30pm: Bus back to UIC Forum
7-10pm: Dinner at local restaurant